Thursday, 2 August 2012

Tutorial Tips: Button It Tray

When Penny and I design patterns for Sew-Ichigo we always want to think of some practical uses for them.   We always put our creations in the Sew-Ichigo Flickr group and we hope you will do the same!  For Penny's The Button It pattern I wanted to use them to make a button card to feature in a generously sized tray to store mini projects. 
 I used Ayumi's tray pattern scaled up so I though I would share my measurements in case you wanted to do the same.  Firstly I printed the Button It pattern a little  smaller so the buttons would be 2 1/2" finished size rather than 3"- set your photocopier at 83%  for this.
Once I had made 5 buttons using the new Liberty Lifestyle prints and a blank square  3 x 3" of Kona snow, I stamped some fabric with Made in England  and Buttons  and then sashed them together.   There are tips on using stamps here.   I did a little extra piecing at the top to get fit the selvedge in but the measurements are the same as below.
I used a single strand of embroidery floss to turn the selvedge circles into tiny buttons and 6 strands of floss to make the buttons look as if they were stitched on to the card.
My final touch at this stage was to use the 6 strand floss to make a single stitch as if a button was missing from the card.  The block was sashed all around with 6" wide strips of  Essex yarn dyed linen in flax and I trimmed it down so the button card was at an angle, this measured 16" x 20".  
I then followed Ayumi's tutorial!  I used fusible fleece, Vilene H640 which is the only interfacing I can truly trust not to go wrong!   It adds structure and softness and is great for pillows and bags too. I quilted lightly, just following the sashing seam lines on the button cards and a diamond criss cross on the linen.   The gusset measured 8 1/2" but you could change this to have lower sides and a wider base.
I top stitched the sides to make it stand up.  And then I popped it in the post for Ayumi!  It was her birthday present.   We can all never have enough storage and Ayumi's tray pattern is so easy to adapt and make a series of trays Russian doll style!
Penny will be sharing another of Ayumi's tutorials; the fabric basket to show you further uses for the patterns and you can buy for 'Button It' and 'Rainbow Rack of Spools' here and here.  I am seeing some great ideas coming up in the Flickr group so I fancy sharing a gallery of those soon too!


  1. Great idea for the button card, love the stamping :o)

  2. This fabric tray is living happily in its new place ;) I love seeing it with the fabric basket. Too cute together!

  3. The tiny stitches in the selvedge dots is pure genius!!! Hugs, L

    1. It just came to me when I was looking at the selvedge, gotta be my favourite but of the block!


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