Thursday, 30 August 2012

Curtains and Kitchens

Penny and I always like to make a project with our Sew-Ichgio blocks to give you a little creative kick start that you can either do yourself or use as a springboard for your own ideas.  With my latest pattern, Strawberry-Ichigo, I made a curtain for a skinny window in my kitchen.  The I chose six shades from the Oakshott Ruby Reds range  to show different stages of ripening.  

I kept the block to the standard 6" finished size and added sashing (3 1/2" x 6 1/2") between the blocks before adding a strip below and the main block of linen above.  From then on, I  made it as a standard curtain.  I am no expert, in fact I loathe making large curtains,  so I pull it together in a fairly random way.  It is a small curtain so I can get away with some slip shod ways!  If you want to do a more professional job there is a great list of tutorials here.
I tread a fine line in my little house between covering every surface in patchwork/quilty items and restraint, so I thought you might like a quick tour around the craftiness in my kitchen- who doesn't like a poke around other people's houses?   My blind was a standard roller to which I added a little Alexander Henry fabric trim.  It was harder to do than I imagined , that long seam n fabric that cant be squished or folded meant I had to sit the sewing machine in the middle of a room to make it work.
My Teapot Fancy cosy gets used twice a day when I make a proper loose leaf pot.  I like a strong Earl Grey, especially first thing in the morning- although a little delicate green jasmine tea is in the vintage cup and saucer below.  I love my turquoise work top!
 Here is a morning brew in a giant mug and sitting on top of a runner made from a little bee group where we made blocks from Kumiko Fujita's 318 Patchwork book.   The little boxes next to the mug store the many phone/ipad chargers!
 I have more goodies from friends.  Under the tongs and whisk you can see a beautiful potholder made by Megan when we did a little swap last year- perfect colours and foodie fabrics.
And hiding on a vintage cup rack- an oven hand mit from Penny which sees regular usage- love that peep of binding. 
Hope you enjoyed your tour!  We are just working on a little back to school set, ready very soon- sneak peek of Penny's design here!


  1. So many beautiful things in one space! I love the idea of embellishing a kitchen blind - we're getting a new kitchen and I've been debating making one but adding a strip of fabric could be a great compromise (assuming I can sit in the middle of the kitchen floor to get it done!!!) Sx

    1. It is a farily little space too! I am not capable of minimalist living that is for sure. Blinds are not too tough to make, you definitely benefit from proper fabric stiffener spray. i have made a roller blind before using the fittings of an old one.

  2. These are all so beautiful! Great work! :)

    1. Thankyou Kara! I feel like my crafty world is in every room of the house

  3. Lovely tour. One of my favorite things--peeking inside someone else's house!

  4. What a wonderful tour! Thank you for sharing :).

  5. Your ideas are lovely. thanks for showing them.


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