Monday, 16 December 2013

In the Pantry mini instructions


Several people expressed interest in making their own "In the Pantry" mini so I put together a quick tutorial to help!
First of all, you'll need to purchase the "In the Pantry" pattern set from Kerry and I's Sew-Ichigo shop.  The pattern set is chock full of possibilities. Kerry has come up with 4 variations of the canister jar, and the set also includes my Mama's Pyrex pattern as well as the silverware.
Next, using this diagram, you will sew it together.

A few tips:

1. All the blocks are at 100% unless indicated by the diagram.
2. All seam allowances are 1/4''.
3. Some of the sashing pieces will be slightly bigger than the block they are being sewn to. That is ok. Just trim the sashing pieces down after you've sewn each section. And trim each section as you go.


1. Sew one of each block: mama's pyrex, simple sweet jar, knife, spoon and fork. Sew three simple sweet jars at 75%.
2. Sew sashing A to the top of the mama's pyrex block.
3. Sew sashing B to the top of the largest simple sweet jar.
3. Sew the knife, spoon and fork blocks together as indicated in the diagram, then sew sashing C to the top of the blocks.
4. Sew two of the smaller simple sweet jars together side by side.
5. Sew a 1 1/2'' sashing strip to each side of one of the smaller simple sweet jars.
6. Sew a 1 1/2'' sashing strip to the top of the jar in step 5.
7. Sew the small jar in step 6 to the top of the small jars in step 4.
8. Sew the large jar to the left side of the utensil block.
9. Sew the small stacked jar block to the right side of the utensil block.
10. Sew a 1 1/4'' sashing strip to the bottom and then one to the right of the jar/utensil block
11. Sew the mama's pyrex block to the left of the jar/utensil block.
12. Make a quilt sandwich, quilt using sparkles with Aurifil thread, then bind.

If you make this mini, Kerry and I would love to see it! You can tag me on Instagram (I'm @sewtakeahike, and please use the hashtag #sewichigo) and/or you can post it on flickr in the sew-ichigo group here!


Friday, 29 November 2013

Black Friday: All Sew-Ichigo Patterns 20% off!

We are joining in with Black Friday by discounting all Sew-Ichigo patterns by 20% through Sunday Dec 1 at 6am!

Use the discount code: blackfriday here for the discount.

No discount code needed on Craftsy, and Etsy, the discount is built into the current price of all the pattern sets.

This includes our newest pattern, 'In the Pantry':

For the Geek in your life (don't we all have one of those!) 'Get Your Geek On'

Our Christmas set, 'Sew Very Christmas' is perfect for gift bags, mug rugs and more:

Our 'Latte to Go' pattern has a free tutorial to make a gift card holder- a coffee shop card makes a great teacher gift.

This is just a small selection.  All our patterns can be found here, Etsy pattern sets here, and our Craftsy patterns are here.  All our free tutorials are here.


This offer is available for 48 hours only.
Pattern Download Information:  This applies to all patterns on sale here.
  • Patterns will be delivered to your email account as soon as payment is received.  You will need Adobe Reader- available for free here- installed on your computer.
  • If you pay by Paypal the pattern will automatically be sent to the email in your paypal account
  • Payment is easy!  Paypal accepts credit and debit cards, you do not need to have a Paypal account.
  • The download link expires after three attempts.  We recommend you save the files on your computer or to cloud storage e.g. Dropbox so it is there for future use.   Be careful not to tap multiple times e.g.  on a smart phone- each tap will be a download attempt!
  • We permit small home scale production of items using these block but credit must be given to the original designers, Kerry Green and Penny Layman. No commercial production is allowed.

Monday, 18 November 2013

Easily add 1/4" seam allowance to curved seams

The "In the Pantry" pattern set includes one pattern with some gentle curved seams. A great beginners pattern if you've not sewn curved seams before.

To help you along the way, I've created a short video to guide you when cutting your 1/4" seam allowance around curved seams. This method is much easier and faster than using a seam guide to mark around the pattern piece, then cutting from dot to dot around the pattern.

Go ahead and try it, it really is as easy as it seems!

In the Pantry Set available

Kerry and I are no strangers when it comes to Kitchen-alia. It's our favorite thing to make patterns for so it's probably no surprise to you that's what our latest pattern set is all about. It's called "In the Pantry" and is a bounty of patterns which is full of options.

Mama's Pyrex includes an introduction to curved seams, which is a first here at Sew-Ichigo.  (Find a short video here on how to easily cut your 1/4" seam allowance for these curved seams.)
This pattern can be modified to a stack of two, three or four bowls.

The Storage Jars are full of options as well. You can mix and match lid handles, labels, and include a gift tag on your jar.

Then there's the knife, spoon and fork which you can bejewel or not. You choose!

Thursday, 15 August 2013

Paper Piecing Diagonals: Using freezer paper templates

As promised, a little technique for making diagonals easier when paper piecing.   We've all had that moment when we have joined a piece of fabric to a diagonal seam on a paper piecing project only to open it out and find that it is too small despite using a massive piece of fabric!  A way round this is to make a quick freezer paper template of the pattern piece. This technique also works for adding specific sections of fabric/fussy cutting.  I think Cindy first suggested this method to me for which I am profoundly grateful!   To see how this works I am using Chic from the 'Get Your Geek On' pattern set, there are diagonals galore!
 As foundation paper piecing means that you work from the back of the finished block, it can get confusing where there are diagonal seams and you have to check each piece of fabric to make sure that when opened out that there is sufficient coverage.  So instead of cutting chunks of fabric in the hope they will fit, instead, trace the paper pattern roughly onto freezer paper.  Remember to transfer the letter and number labels from the pattern and straight grain line arrows help too.
Cut out freezer paper pieces, and iron to the reverese of the desired fabric, in this case a background print.  Leaving the freezer paper on the fabric, cut out leaving a 1/2" seam allowance all round.  This generous amount gives you a little wiggle room.
Place on to your foundation pattern and sew as you usually would, it helps to leave the freezer paper on to identify the pieces as you go.
You can see how the fabric for piece A3 is ample size and opens out to cover the area and the 1/4" seam allowance with a little extra left over.
 This technique saves time overall as you shouldn't need to unpick and pieces because they are too small and to be honest I do this every time with diagonals- even if it is just making a quick freezer paper template for a single piece.  I hope that helps!

Monday, 12 August 2013

Get Your Geek On

Geekiness: a subject close to our hearts and yours I am guessing so it seemed the perfect theme for a new pattern set.  We are both glasses wearers- Penny full time, Kerry part-time and they are a key geek association so we present to you, 'Get Your Geek On'.
Inspired by international rock stars, international quilting stars (Ms Heather Bostic) and Kerry's mum's 1960s wardrobe-we like to search far and wide for our inspiration!  You can find our new pattern in our shop, on Craftsy and on Etsy.  And for this week only- the price is $5 instead of $6.50 for any of you Fat Quarterly subscribers who already have the Retro Sunnies pattern that was released there first.
Blog post is coming up this week with hints cutting fabric for diagonals when paper piecing, meanwhile, 'Get Your Geek On!'

Friday, 9 August 2013

New pattern set is a-coming

Penny and I are just putting the final tweaks on a new pattern set which we hope to release on Monday, meanwhile, a little timely reminder of an old pattern set: Back to School
Find it in our shop, on Craftsy and on Etsy and you can read the original post here with a pencil case tutorial link too.

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

New Etsy Shop

Just in case any of you prefer to buy your Sew-Ichigo patterns via Etsy, we have just opened a new Etsy shop selling a selection of our favourite pattern sets.  You can also find individual patterns on sale here and on Craftsy.   Penny tweaked out blog header to make a shop banner.
You can find: Kitchen Classics, Back to School and Parisienne Cafe already for instant download at Etsy.

Monday, 13 May 2013

We've been claimed!

Doing a little housekeeping today and because of the demise of google reader, we've claimed our sew-ichigo on bloglovin'.   You can find the link over there on the right sidebar.  It looks like this!

Follow on Bloglovin

And if you haven't used bloglovin' much, you're in for a sweet surprise!  It's super easy to use, clean, and I love reading the blogs I follow with it for those reasons!

Happy Monday!

Monday, 6 May 2013

Parisienne Cafe Set

Yay!  Penny and I are over the moon to present our newest pattern set, Parisienne Cafe.  It's in the Sew-Ichigo shop now and being added to our Craftsy shop too.
For those of you who have bought our patterns before you will notice a change.  The patterns are present as a single unit for you to cut up into sections.  The cutting lines are marked with a thick blue line and a scissors icon.  This gives you additional flexibility if you want to size the block up and down and it makes the pattern more accurate.  It also means that there will be no paper in the seams which I found a lot easier when sewing the blocks together.  The patterns are for foundation piecing but can also be traced or printed on to freezer paper if you prefer to piece that wasy.

Are you ready for some close ups?

Starting with 'Espresso Cups'  The easiest pattern in the set.  Make one, make 4, whatever you like!  It's such a fast pattern you can easily make multiples and use different prints and colours.
Followed by 'Coffee Grinder', this is an advanced beginner- lots of straight seams but some small pieces.  The 'Cafe' label was made stamping a piece of fabric before adding it to the block.  It is the first piece in that section which makes it easier to place precisely- I used a little dab Sewline fabric glue stick to get it exactly where I wanted it.  We have a stamping tutorial here.
The 'Tea pot' pattern is another advanced beginner pattern and such an elegant shape!  The main fabric is again the first piece of fabric you will add so you can centre motifs and fussy cut patterns to make the most of the slender shape.
And finally, the 'French Press/Cafetiere'.  This is an intermediate pattern, mainly because of the size of the pieces.  The hardest bit is the feet- but then I always find diagonals need a bit of extra attention!  The block is sized at 5 1/4" x 7 3/4" and then strips are added at the sides and top for background and at the base for the 'table' it is sitting on.  This makes it easy to make the sizing match common quilt block sizing- 10" square, 12 1/2" square and so on.
We hope you enjoy our new designs, available as a pack in our shop right now!  Look out on our blogs for a chance to win a pattern set too!

Monday, 15 April 2013

Strawberry Fields

It is not often that I think of making a whole quilt of paper pieced blocks, it takes a lot of dedication.  That didn't put Penny off, using the Sew-Ichigo Strawberry block along with a little help from nineteen other quilters...
Read all about it here...


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