Monday, 13 May 2013

We've been claimed!

Doing a little housekeeping today and because of the demise of google reader, we've claimed our sew-ichigo on bloglovin'.   You can find the link over there on the right sidebar.  It looks like this!

Follow on Bloglovin

And if you haven't used bloglovin' much, you're in for a sweet surprise!  It's super easy to use, clean, and I love reading the blogs I follow with it for those reasons!

Happy Monday!


  1. If we've already been following your blog on bloglovin', do we need to refollow though this link? This post showed up on it, so I'm assuming I don't, but thought I'd ask :)

    1. It's really for those who have been following in Google reader (which is finishing its service) who need to swap to a new reader. if you are already on bloglovin you shuold be fine!


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