Monday, 10 September 2012

Back to School basics

When Kerry and I agreed to do a Back to School set, we landed upon a couple of basics.  Pencils and hi-liters.  Kerry's pencils sew up like a dream and are quick, easy and so effective!  I really had a hard time deciding on the fabrics to use for the ones I made.

We both made a version of Lisa's pencil case, pattern here.  Thank you Lisa for allowing us to do that!  I love how Kerry's pencil case is so her; delicate, sweet, and girly.

For our Back to School set, Kerry has included patterns for the pencil wheel block and a single pencil.  She also will be putting up a tutorial here for how to trace and embroider your own message for the center of the pencil wheel.  Also included are my hi-liters, capped and uncapped, and the basic instructions to make this block

Happy back to school!


  1. This is perfect for a project I have in mind, thank you ladies :)

    1. Look forward to seeing the result, we would love it if you added it to our Flickr group!

  2. Another great set of patterns ladies!

  3. These patterns are just adorable. I'd love to try making colored pencils sometime!

  4. Great to see your new, wonderful patterns! And just in time for school, too!

  5. And they will be here for the beginning of each new term!


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