Monday 16 December 2013

In the Pantry mini instructions


Several people expressed interest in making their own "In the Pantry" mini so I put together a quick tutorial to help!
First of all, you'll need to purchase the "In the Pantry" pattern set from Kerry and I's Sew-Ichigo shop.  The pattern set is chock full of possibilities. Kerry has come up with 4 variations of the canister jar, and the set also includes my Mama's Pyrex pattern as well as the silverware.
Next, using this diagram, you will sew it together.

A few tips:

1. All the blocks are at 100% unless indicated by the diagram.
2. All seam allowances are 1/4''.
3. Some of the sashing pieces will be slightly bigger than the block they are being sewn to. That is ok. Just trim the sashing pieces down after you've sewn each section. And trim each section as you go.


1. Sew one of each block: mama's pyrex, simple sweet jar, knife, spoon and fork. Sew three simple sweet jars at 75%.
2. Sew sashing A to the top of the mama's pyrex block.
3. Sew sashing B to the top of the largest simple sweet jar.
3. Sew the knife, spoon and fork blocks together as indicated in the diagram, then sew sashing C to the top of the blocks.
4. Sew two of the smaller simple sweet jars together side by side.
5. Sew a 1 1/2'' sashing strip to each side of one of the smaller simple sweet jars.
6. Sew a 1 1/2'' sashing strip to the top of the jar in step 5.
7. Sew the small jar in step 6 to the top of the small jars in step 4.
8. Sew the large jar to the left side of the utensil block.
9. Sew the small stacked jar block to the right side of the utensil block.
10. Sew a 1 1/4'' sashing strip to the bottom and then one to the right of the jar/utensil block
11. Sew the mama's pyrex block to the left of the jar/utensil block.
12. Make a quilt sandwich, quilt using sparkles with Aurifil thread, then bind.

If you make this mini, Kerry and I would love to see it! You can tag me on Instagram (I'm @sewtakeahike, and please use the hashtag #sewichigo) and/or you can post it on flickr in the sew-ichigo group here!



  1. I follow Sew-Ichigo and also sewtakeahike. Often it's the same posting, like today. Are you two different bloggers who work together or the same blogger with 2 different blogs? Do you always have the same posting on both blogs or is there some content that if different? I follow lots of blogs and haven't made the connection, yet. In the Pantry is so cute; great work!

    1. Penny/Sewtakeahike and I/verykerryberry work together at Sew-Ichigo and design pattern sets together- for 'In the Pantry' Penny designed the bowls and cutlery and I designed the jars and variations. The postings at Sewichigo relate to our patterns and to paper piecing and we give them a mention on our blogs too so people know they can come over and read the post. You can read more about us on the About Us page here.

  2. Oh my gosh. That is perfect. I love it so much. I wish I paper pieced.

    1. :) Thank you Nanette! I'd be happy to give you a few tips anytime!


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