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Sunday, 3 June 2012

Kitchen Classics single patterns now available!

Things have been kind of quiet here in Sew-Ichigo-land lately.  Kerry and I have both had a few things going on so we pushed the release of our next pattern set to the end-ish of June.  I'll give you a little hint what it will have in it, think refreshments.  That's all I'm sayin'.  But I will show you something that just might show up in the set, revised of course....

So until we get the next set up and going, we had the bright idea of offering up each of the individual patterns from the Kitchen Classics pattern set as singles.

If you haven't already bought the set, you can now order each individual pattern (choose from the Vintage Label, the Enamel Coffee Pot, the Teakettle, or the KitchenAid), here.

And if you have already bought your Kitchen Classics pattern set, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your support!

Tuesday, 17 April 2012


I did't have to look far for inspiration for the 'Kitchen Classics' pattern set.    I have long been a fan of enamelware and tea kettles and coffee pots in particular.  Jay at Planetutopia has beautiful pictures of her retro shop stock on Flickr and these were what I looked at to perfect the shapes for my patterns.  She has generously given me permission to show some of her pics here.
Finel Teapot
This is such a clever little tea kettle designed by Kaj Franck (shape) and Esteri Tomula (pattern/decoration) for Arabia, echoing the traditional round bellied style of a Japanese teapot and all the charm of bright 1950s1960s enamel.  I do have some of their ceramics including a Esteri Tomula vase and plate found in the days before prices rocketed.  The shape is so inviting, it makes me want to warm my hands around it!
Antti Nurmesniemi Finel coffee Pot
I dream of finding a coffee pot like this at on my vintage shopping trips, a coffee pot designed by Antti Nurmesniemi.   You can see how the shape relates to the finished paper piecing pattern.  I love the clean lines, the easy to hold handle, the lack of fussiness, a great bit of classic design.  
Maybe one day I will have these sitting on my shelf.  Meanwhile I'll just look longingly and sew them instead!


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