Tuesday, 27 March 2012

How "Sew-Ichigo" got its name

You might be wondering where the name Sew-Ichigo came from, I'll explain.  We had a few brainstorming sessions on names and one of the things we settled on was a Japanese word.  We are both influenced by Japanese designers like Suzuko Koseki and Kumiko Fujita and our friendship with Ayumi played a part too I suspect!  We discovered that "ichigo" was Japanese for "strawberry"
And a strawberry linked nicely with berry in verykerryberry.  We needed our new name to reflect what is was about- Sew- and of course this echoed Penny's blog Sewtakeahike!
So there you have it!  A little etymology of how Sew-Ichigo got its name.  I edited these fabric pic in Picmonkey- a great free photo editing site to replace picnic! 
And a little preview- our patterns will have little tick mark/lines to help match pieces/sections and help you to piece as accurately as possible.  I will write a little tutorial with photos to show what they look like and how to use them, hopefully up by weekend x


  1. Thanks for the background! I love the name and the sweet icon!! Love the photos! So excited for the patterns! :) xo Heather

  2. I was wondering what the name meant!

  3. hello ladies!! anxiously waiting fr yr patterns here! Tks fr the input about the blog's name. xx

  4. Sweet! I love that background and the name is super catchy. I like to think of it as being itchy to go and sew!

  5. thanks ladies for your excitement!

  6. I was wondering about that. Thanks for the explaination.

  7. Love the background ;) Every time I come across Ichigo things, I think of you guys! Looking forward to the patterns so much ;)

  8. Only Today I had time to read all the posts and I'm wondering with the meaning of the blog's name! Sooo celebre and cool!

    1. I love your description Sil, how flattering!


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